Email Marketing

It is an excellent marketing channel to generate sales and boost your revenue. Make a long-term investment with this method.

Did you know it is cheaper to target previous customers than acquiring new ones? New customers require research and paid campaigns for acquisition while recurring customers can be leverage trhough organic (non-paid) ads. The best way to do that?  Email marketing!  Email marketing is the best method to promote your business, content, and services while acquiring valuable data about each specific customer in your store. It enables business owners to re-target customers with promotions and increase conversion on abandoned carts. Furhtermore, you can establish a friendly connection with your customers and keep them updated with new lines of products and services as well and important updates. 

At HyperGhost media we provide reliable & effective email marketing solutions to ensure your customers remain your customers. We offer you easy-to-use solutions with the best email deliverability, scalability, and reliability trough the use of the best email marketing platforms in the world as well as with our in house email marketing team. 

Benefits of Email Marketing



Email marketing is affordable as compared to other campaign methods. Get the best services at a reasonable price range.


Expand Business

It is an excellent marketing channel to generate sales and boost your revenue. Make a long-term investment with this method


Easy to get started

Email marketing is not a complicated tool and does not require a big team to operate. You can manage it efficiently without much effort.


Direct Access

It leads you to access your relevant clients’ inboxes to communicate directly.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Lower Traffic and Customer Acquisition

Like many businesses out there yours may be suffering of low traffic and low customer engagement. Email marketing enables you to keep customers informed of updates on products and services, as well as blog posts. More importantly, your lost customers will be re targeted by your email marketing campaings. This will increase your conversion rates and traffic while maintaining the bounce rate for pages low.

Managing Contacts

 Upload, ease-up, and extend!! This service will help you to handle all the valuable details of your email marketing efforts.

Split Testing

Deduct the guesswork from your campaigns and use our advanced A/X Split Testing attribute.

Thorough Activity Reports

Keep an eye on every activity of your result with the help of our attractive visual representation of your statistics balanced seamlessly with your comprehensive email log.

Newsletters Subscription

Make an easy and secure connection with your followers with a weekly round-up or a periodic newsletter. Get in touch with your clients regularly.

Enhance Segmentation

With our robust segmentation tool, you can grow very targeted groups of contacts for customization purposes.

Activate Email Campaigns

It is one of the best ways to reach out to your audience by taking control of the triggered auto-responder. You will get a better response by using our promotional service. Whenever users open an email, click on a specific link, join your email list, or even unsubscribe you will be aware of that.