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Fitted Mania Case Study

Generating High Revenues

Our Client:

Fitted Mania is an online based store.

They opened with the intention to provide men with the most comfortable fabric and the best fit that would fit a wide range of people.

According to the New York Post wearing comfortable clothing is essential as it improves productivity at work and it is also more comfortable and efficient to workout in.

This is why it is important for men invest in comfortable, yet fitting fabric 

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The client chose to sign with the Advanced Store, which includes Product Research, Website Creation, Advertising, and 25 Sales. 

Our Project:

The Client chose the name "Fitted Mania", intended for the customers to know that the store sell fitted t shirts to fulfill their desire.

We then conducted a deep analysis on the most favorable quality shirts and t-shirts, and a fit that could satisfy a wide range of Buyers.

We then posted quality shirt and t-shirt products with various colors on the new website.

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Our Product research showed that the most effective way to get the selected ad to the targeted audience was through Facebook and Tiktok campaigns.

A week from the start date, the website, ads and the products were ready for the market.

Shortly after, the testing campaign was running on both Facebook and Tiktok.

It was time to be patient and wait for the results! 



The Advanced Store requires us to complete 25 sales for the client in 4 to 5 days.

However with good research and eye to detail, we were able to complete more than 25 orders in the first day.

The client was very pleased with the website and continued selling on the website as we trained them. 

Within 2 weeks the store generated over 28k in sales and is still selling!


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